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Couch Fu (2004)

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A kung fu master, long plagued by an evil demon couch, challenges his evil adversary in combat to avenge the death of his father. A dark, strange narrative with a tight soundtrack, striking stunts, and purposefully poor dubbing, this is guerilla kung-fu at its best.

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Winner: Audience Choice Award

Chicago Really Short Film Festival 2005 Couch Fu was awarded the Audience Choice Award at the 2005 Chicago "Really" Short Film Festival.

Running Time: 3 minutes 28 seconds
Starring: Devin Breen and the couch
Written, produced and directed by Devin Breen and Michelle Kaffko
Filmed by Michelle Kaffko
Video edited by Michelle Kaffko
Sound edited by Devin Breen

The Positive Aspect of Negative Thinking (2002)

Positive Aspect of Negative Thinking - Screenshot 2 Positive Aspect of Negative Thinking - Screenshot 1

The Positive Aspect of Negative Thinking was created to document a sculpture project I created for the class ARTGP 305 at the University of Illinois - Urbana/Champaign. The class familiarized students with public sculptures by major contemporary artists, public art as a medium of creative expression, and challenged students to create their own large-scale work from everyday materials and put these works on display in a public venue - the University of Illinois quadrangle. This short film was shot on miniDV in the Spring of 2002. It documents the public exhibition of the sculpture, capturing the people, place, and perspective, complete with a punk rock soundtrack.

Runtime: 3 Minutes, 22 seconds
Directed, filmed and edited by Michelle Kaffko
    Devin Breen as himself
    Devin's Sculpture as itself